Monthly Archives: September 2012

Paying credit card bills? When is the best time for that?

When is the best time for paying credit card bills? If you’re anything like me, you have a credit card or two that you use mainly to amass “reward” points. One of mine gives me points to use anywhere (I normally just have the “points” translated to dollars sent back to my bank account, and the other gives me points to use on Amazon. (I LOVE Amazon, but that’s another story.) I know there are other, fancier credit cards that […]

Your Mortgage – Does the Mere Thought of the Word Scare You?

It’s Here! Our very first book – and one we are so excited about, too. Written by my friend,  Y. Patrick Mazor, (and edited by me), this book will open your eyes about what you never knew about mortgages – especially the one that counts – YOUR Mortgage – You Can Save Thousands by Realizing It’s YOUR Money! The book is available on,  (affiliate), and we are proud to announce that this is only the first in what we […]

Do You Have Shiny Object Syndrome?

Many of my friends, I have noticed, (and “maybe” I myself am just a little bit guilty of this), is that they — and I- have what my husband calls “shiny object syndrome.” So, what is shiny object syndrome? Not that anyone’s been noticing, but I haven’t updated this blog in quite a while. Well, there’s a reason for that – a new shiny object has come by. Here’s my history of internet entrepreneurship: I started a blog a couple […]