Monthly Archives: December 2017

The Best Budget Planners for 2018

BUDGET – a five letter word that we all need in our financial lives.  Yes, we know that Budgeting is the number one key to financial freedom.  However, it has earned a reputation for being tedious, challenging and time consuming, which can be discouraging for others. Well, it doesn’t have to be.  With the right budgeting tool, money management becomes more effective, efficient and enjoyable. There’s a variety of budgeting tools to choose from – smartphone applications, Excel Read more […]

Subscription Boxes:  Are They Worth the Money?

From snacks to cooking essentials, razor blades to makeup, clothing apparel to children’s toys, you name it, you can subscribe to it. The Subscription Box industry has taken the world by storm and if you haven’t heard about it yet, then where have you been? The concept is relatively simple – you sign up for a subscription that will deliver a box containing curated products according to a theme of your choice, straight to your doorstep, every month for three […]