Subscription Boxes:  Are They Worth the Money?

From snacks to cooking essentials, razor blades to makeup, clothing apparel to children’s toys, you name it, you can subscribe to it.

The Subscription Box industry has taken the world by storm and if you haven’t heard about it yet, then where have you been?

The concept is relatively simple – you sign up for a subscription that will deliver a box containing curated products according to a theme of your choice, straight to your doorstep, every month for three or six months, or even a year.

Sounds fun, right?  While some subscription boxes don’t come with a cheap price tag, there are several ways that your subscription will save you a few bucks.

It will save on meals and snacks.

Companies like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh offer various subscriptions that will send you a meal plan and fresh ingredients that already come in precise proportions, to make meals for two to three meals each week.  This is perfect for those living by themselves or couples who don’t eat at home too often, and of course for individuals who aren’t really pros in the kitchen.  The subscription will limit the chances of unused ingredients or spoiled food, which your budget will surely thank you for.

It will save on household basics.

From cleaning products to air/fridge filters, personal care items to grooming essentials, these types of subscription services can save you a few dollars on things you use everyday.  Most of these items are priced lower, and you’ll also save gas since the items are delivered straight to your home.

It will save you money on beauty products.

Makeup and skincare junkies know that beauty products aren’t always affordable.  And if the product causes pimple break outs, allergic reactions and irritations, you’ll just end up wasting your hard-earned money.  Subscription boxes on the other hand, send you sample beauty products at a discounted rate to try out.

It will save you money on clothing items.

Fashionistas will love the idea of getting new clothes each month without spending a fortune.  Clothing subscription boxes like Parcel 22 and Le Tote let you choose different garments and accessories to be sent to your home, wear them for as long as you like and return them when you’re done with it.  No more wasting money on piles of pre-loved clothes.

You can save money on gifts.

Subscription boxes are great gift ideas.  Just choose a box that suits your budget, according to the receiver’s interests.  Most companies a offer one-time boxes which you can go for instead of the monthly subscription.

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