The Best Budget Planners for 2018

BUDGET – a five letter word that we all need in our financial lives.  Yes, we know that Budgeting is the number one key to financial freedom.  However, it has earned a reputation for being tedious, challenging and time consuming, which can be discouraging for others.

Well, it doesn’t have to be.  With the right budgeting tool, money management becomes more effective, efficient and enjoyable.

There’s a variety of budgeting tools to choose from – smartphone applications, Excel spreadsheets, notebooks and planners, to name a few.

For today’s article, let’s go old school (not really) and check out the best budget planners that you can get for 2018:

Budget Book 

This #1 Best Seller on Amazon has everything you might need for your monthly budget – a page for the month’s income, savings, spending totals and debits & bills.  It also comes with pockets to store your receipts and bills and extra pages and pockets during speciall occasions like Christmas.


Bill Butler 

More like a bill organizer, this will help you manage your household bills more efficiently with a Bill Calender to easily glance at all PAID & UNPAID bills and envelopes to store receipts, warranties and bills for easy retrieval.



Dome Simplified Home Budget Book 

This planner is perfect for those who want accurate management of income and expenses every month.  Unlike other budget books, this one’s 10.50”.  It also contains different money-saving ideas inside like tax tips, ways to cut interest costs, a way to figure the operating cost of a car and more.


InnerGuide Planner 

To help you stay track on expenses on a daily basis, this daily tear-off planning note pad has a to-do list and a section to keep your daily spending in check.  This planner aims to encourage healthy spending habits and motivates you to save for something meaningful.

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