Where to Sell Your Unwanted Gift Cards from the Holidays

And just like that, Christmas season is officially over.  Most probably, you’re left with a stack of gift cards that may or may not be put to good use.

Gift cards are always given with good intentions but sometimes, receiving cards that you can never see yourself using is inevitable.  I mean, your next-door neighbor had no idea that you’re not a coffee drinker.  And your boss probably didn’t know that you’re on a low-carb diet.

As a result, it just ends up inside your drawer, collecting dust and eventually expiring.

Whatever the reason is, these unwanted gift cards should not go to waste.  Instead of letting collect dust inside your drawer, why not make money out of it?  Yup, you can always sell those unwanted gift cards for cash through these trusted online portals.


Get up to 92% cash back on Cardpool from those physical and online gift cards where you can choose between two payout options –  Amazon eGift cards that you can redeem from your email address within 1 business day or a paper check that will be mailed directly to your address after 5-10 business days.

Once you accepted the offer presented to you, your payout will immediately be processed.  If you don’t want to make your transaction online, you can visit one of their physical stores and walk out with cash or credit.


Just like the Cardpool, you can also receive up to 92% of your card value when you sell through this site. But aside from selling (and buying) gift cards, you can also opt to trade it for a gift card that you will surely use.

As for payout options, you can get your money through Paypal or Check. Once your gift cards are verified by the company, your payment will be sent immediately if through Paypal, 3-7 days if you choose check via USPS First Class mail.

For trade ins, you can choose between exchanging it for an electronic gift card (that will be sent to your email immediately) or be mailed as a physical card (which can take around 2-5 business days).

And oh, if you have a stack of cards to sell or trade, make sure to contact them beforehand because they offer a different rate for Bulk Selling.


Next is Cardcash.com, a site that also offers up to 92% selling value, and much higher for trade ins. You can get your payments through check, ACH deposit and Paypal. Make sure your gift card doesn’t have an expiration date because they have restrictions around certain promotional gift cards that work only in certain locations or on specific products.

If you don’t want to sell through these sites, there’s always Ebay or Craigslist to put your cards up for sale.


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