How to Save Up on Travel During Peak Season Holidays

Traveling during the holidays really does come with a hefty price tag.  According to, this will be the most expensive time of the year to fly for both domestic and international flights.

Of course, everyone loves to travel during the holidays.  People want to come home to their hometowns, jet off with friends and make new memories with their families.  That’s why booking airfare tickets and hotel accommodations ahead of time is the key to save big on traveling during this busy and expensive time of the year.

But if you’re one of those who weren’t able to plan their December 2018 travel early, read these  helpful tips on how you can minimize your expenses.

Travel to countries that don’t normally celebrate Christmas.

If you want to get out of the country, make sure to choose a destination that doesn’t commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.  I know it kinda defeats the purpose of a “holiday” travel but you can still make your own December memories minus Santa Claus and festive Christmas decors.  Some of the countries that you can visit are Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Middle Eastern Countries like United Arab Emirates (Dubai & Abu Dhabi), Turkey, Qatar, Morocco, Oman, etc.

Pack light.

Sorry, but it’s not the time for multiple outfit changes because you need to minimize your  luggage to avoid baggage fees.  Also, you can save bucks if you opt to travel with only a hand carry (if that’s even possible to pack everything in one small bag).  If you want to bring gifts for friends and family, it’s better to ship them ahead of time or have online orders  shipped to the location where you will be spending the holidays.

Travel by car.

If the price is still too much for you, then choose a destination that’s accessible by car. It may be a loooong car ride but if you’re traveling with other people, just take turns driving. For a hassle-free road trip, make sure to check out this page for 10 helpful tips to make sure you stay safe (and sane) on your upcoming long drive.

Maximize your loyalty points and discounts.

If you have credit card, miles or hotel points, now is the best time to use them. For seniors, college students and members of the military, you may even have additional discounts, so make sure to ask your airlines and hotel.

Rent a home.

Renting a home or apartment is more affordable than a hotel room, especially if you’re traveling in groups.  Aside from a cheaper rate, you can also save a lot of money on food and laundry because with most vacation rentals, you have kitchen and laundry room access.  To rent a home online, check out AirBnB, Flipkey or HomeAway.

Stay with family.

But of course, nothing beats staying with family.  Not only that it’s free, you also get to spend more time with loved ones.  But keep in mind that in exchange for the “free accommodation,” make sure to help with daily chores, share with food and don’t let yourself be a burden to your family host.

Be flexible.

The key to avoiding getting bankrupt on your last minute holiday trip is to be flexible with your schedule, like taking red eye flights or having long layovers.  Also, traveling on the actual holiday itself like Christmas Day or January 1st will give you much cheaper tickets than flying the day before or after.

Opt for a staycation.

But when all else fails, just go on a staycation.  At the end of the day, it’s not really about the destination but how you make the most of that dedicated time for your family, friends or yourself.  Visit this page to get ideas on how you can plan a perfect staycation.

I’m sure many of you also have great tips on saving money on last minute travel on peak season holiday, so please feel free to leave all of your best suggestions in the comment section below.

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