How to Increase Your Savings this Fall

We are only a short time away from the holiday season, which means that you need to prepare yourself for some back-to-back spending.

Fortunately, in the season between summer and winter is the time of the year when we can find numerous ways to save more money.

Fall is such a beautiful time of the year and today, I will share with you how you can take advantage of this season to spend less and save more.

Put your gym membership on hold.

Okay, so the last few months of the year will surely be busy, which means that there is a big possibility for you to not be able to go to the gym as often as you can.  That being said, it’s just practical to consider pausing your gym membership.  But that doesn’t mean you also put your fitness routing on hold.  Take advantage of the cooler weather to do your workouts outdoors.  From running, to cycling to hiking on the weekends, the options are endless when it comes to looking for physical activities during the Autumn time.

Use fall produce for your home-cooked meals.

Take advantage of the season’s harvest to make more home-cooked meals using in season produce that will save you loads of money – such as squash, apples, and various types of root crops.

Ditch the heat and air conditioning.

You won’t need air conditioning or heating when the weather is just right, so take advantage of this time to save on energy costs.  Also, use this time to check on your heating and cooling system.  It’s better to have them repaired now than to wait until there’s a problem, which can cost you thousands more.

Time to declutter (and make money out of it).

Spring gets all the credit as the season for cleaning but hey, fall cleaning is a must too!  Get your end of season clean-up game on and declutter your home.  Get rid of the items you don’t use anymore and sell what you can.  Also, it’s a wonderful way to find old Fall clothing pieces and décor that you can reuse instead of spending money on new décor and wardrobe.

Find cheap entertainment.

Autumn is an amazing time to be outdoors.  Instead of shelling out money on other leisure activities, just look for cheap and sometimes free fun activities to do with your friends, family or significant other – like driving around to see the beautiful fall foliage, hiking, apple picking, camping, etc.  Fall is definitely THE time for frugal fun.

Take advantage of Fall sales.

During this time of the year, there will be a lot of sale events coming up that you can take advantage if you want to save money on holiday gifts or other important big purchases.  Just make sure that you will be purchasing what you really need and not just buying them just because they’re on sale.

Find a side hustle.

Lastly, beef up your savings by earning money on the side.  There are lots of money making ideas during the Fall season so take advantage of that.  Check out for some fall job opportunities.

Make sure to keep these ideas on mind so when the holidays come around, you’ll feel more comfortable and financially ready to take on a new season.


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