How to Manage Your Subscriptions to Save Cash

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Today, it seems like every type of business have subscription-based services. Aside from the staples such as Mobile phone service, Wi-Fi, home security, people these days have subscriptions to streaming entertainment, weekly meal plans, grocery deliveries, random subscription boxes, digital libraries, dating and photography apps, online storage and so much more.  Just imagine how much Americans spend on all of these?

An article on USA Today, states that most Millennials spend at least $200 a month on subscriptions.  Whew, that’s a lot of money for an average person, don’t you think?

And according to a survey that was conducted by Waterstone, majority of the respondents underestimated the amount of money they spend on subscriptions, which means that most Americans are unaware of what they are actually paying for.

So why are you spending so much money on subscriptions that you don’t even remember signing up for?

To avoid recurring payments for subscriptions that you never even use, here are 5 helpful apps and websites to help you manage all your subscriptions with ease:

1. Bobby

This Apple-exclusive app shows you all the current services you signed up for, the fixed costs, and the total amount you need to pay each month for all your subscriptions.  It supports all currencies and allows you to add subscriptions of any possible payment cycle.  And of course, you get notified when your bill is due or when your free trial is about to end.

However, you have to enter each subscription manually because you can’t link your bank or Paypal account to the app (yet), which in my opinion is more secure and safe.

2. SubscriptMe

Sadly, this app is also for Apple users only.  Just like Bobby, it’s a subscription tracker and a bill reminder at the same time.  But for this app, there’s no need to manually enter each subscription (but you can still do).  The app will just scan your iPhone and inbox to track all active subscriptions.  SubscriptMe is the “subscription tracker” of choice for those of you who can’t remember the services you signed up for.

3. Track My Subs

Good news for those of you who don’t own an Apple device because this website is similar to the two apps mentioned above.  Track My Subs shows you exactly how much you spend ) on recurring bills and alerts you when it’s payment time.  The website is free if you are only managing up to 10 subscriptions; more than that, you have to pay a fee.

4. True Bill 

True Bill (available on iOS & Android) does more than just helping you manage and remember your subscriptions.  First, it automatically requests refunds when your bank charges you an overdraft or late fee.  Second, it can negotiate bills for you without any hassle.  And last, it can cancel unwanted services or fraudulent subscriptions on your behalf.

You need to provide access to your bank and Paypal accounts though.  Don’t worry, the company uses the highest security protocols to not put your data at risk.

5. Trim

This web-based service is a rival to True Bill.  It does everything that Bill can do – it can monitor your subscriptions, send notifications for payments, automate ways for you to save more, and cancel your subscriptions for you.  However, if the cancellation requires additional work like making calls on your behalf, you will be charged a fee of $6.

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