5 Ways to Save On Your Kids’ School Lunches

The amount of money you spend on your kids’ lunches can easily add up if you’re not being smart and careful, especially if you are sending more than one child to school.

I understand that some of you might just want to buy pre-packaged snacks or have your kids buy their lunch at school for convenience, but this can easily blow up your budget and let’s not forget that these types of meals aren’t really that healthy.

Don’t worry, we can still do something about that.  With careful planning, there are numerous ways to provide your kids a decent, healthy lunch without spending too much time everyday preparing it and most especially, while saving you dollars.

1. Get your kids involved with the menu planning.

This isn’t just a fun bonding activity with your kids, it’s also a brilliant way to make sure that their packed lunches won’t just go to waste.  Because sending them with a meal that they don’t like will just end up in the trash (in goes your money too).  But of course you can’t just give in to what they tell you.  Both parents and children need to compromise in finding healthy food items that they will enjoy eating.

When the meals are already planned ahead, shopping gets done more effectively.  There’s a lesser chance of buying ingredients and food items that will not be consumed.

2. Shop for deals.

While doing your grocery shopping according to your planned menu is a smart move, shopping for deals and working your meal plans around those items is smarter.  When deals are available, it’s wise to take advantage of them to save some bucks.

3. Buy in bulk.

Buy food items such as dried goods, granola bars, crackers, cookies and other snacks in bulk and just pack them yourself in smaller sizes.

4. invest in reusable containers and bottles.

Single-use containers, juice boxes and even paper napkins are examples of hidden expenses that quickly add up without you noticing.  So ditch those and opt for cloth napkin and quality reusable containers and bottles.

Insulated lunch boxes and containers may be expensive but it’s a good investment that will last for multiple school years.  With this kind of lunch boxes, your kids can enjoy a hearty meal like a hot soup and pasta.

Here are some cute ones that your children will never find boring.

5. Meal prep in advance.

If you are worried about how much time it takes to prepare a healthy packed lunch for your little ones, meal prepping their lunches all at once and ahead of time is a great way to not just save time, but money as well.  Get all the prep done on the weekend or whenever you have time, so you don’t have to worry about slicing your fruits and veggies or cooking the meals while rushing to do other things during the week like homework, laundry, etc.

I hope you found these ideas helpful.  I’m sure your kids (and your budget too!) will appreciate the time and effort you spend on preparing their healthy and hearty school lunches everyday.

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