5 Budget-Friendly Summer Activities for the Whole Family

Here comes the glorious months of sunny skies, warm weather and lots of family time.  Summer provides numerous ways to spend time and do fun things together as a family.  True, the options are quite endless but most of these activities can put a hole in your budget, especially for a big family.

Don’t worry though.  With creativity and research, there are still a bunch of fun and affordable activities to enjoy and I’m sharing 5 of these with you to keep your family entertained all summer long.

1. Visit a State Park

Spend a day hiking, biking and enjoying the outdoors at your State Park.  State Parks are usually free but search the internet first for information on possible fees or “free entrance days” before you hit the road.

2. Have a Nature Walk

Enjoy the crisp weather and explore your surroundings by taking a walk around the local park or your neighborhood.  Not only that it’s fun, it’s also an opportunity to sneak in some exercise and for the kids to explore and learn about nature.  They can even use this time to collect rocks, twigs and leaves for some DIY crafts at home.

3. Go Camping in Your Backyard

No need to travel far to enjoy a fun family camping – you can do it from the comforts of your own back yard.  Gather up all the equipment needed – tent, sleeping bags, snacks, flashlight, etc. for an authentic camping experience.  Don’t forget to add stargazing and s’mores-making on the list of things to do!

4. Have a Scavenger hunt.

Switch up the usual game night and create a scavenger hunt within your home or even your neighborhood.  You can actually organize it with your other neighbors and their kids to make it even more fun.

5. Go bowling.

Thanks to the Kids Bowl Free program, children can now play bowling for free this summer.  The program is participated by select bowling centers and schools around the country as a way to give back to the community.  With your kids able to bowl for free, all you need to spend on is your bowling fee, snacks and shoe rentals.

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