How To: Honeymoon for Less


Your honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your marriage, make new memories and get the much needed rest and relaxation.  After all the preparations and the wedding day itself, you both deserve it.

However, some newlyweds opt to skip the honeymoon part because of money-issues.  Well, that is if you’re really aiming for a budget-blowing romantic vacation.  Sure, we all dream of a grand honeymoon but that can wait, at least for now.

To help you achieve a “Honeymoon for Less,” here are some tips to follow:

1. Set a budget.

Assess your current financial situation and see how much money you can spend for your honeymoon without hurting your bank account.  From that, decide on how you can maximize and make the most out of that budget.

2. Open a Honeymoon Registry.

Gift and honeymoon registries are popular these days.  A bunch of honeymoon registry services are popping online – these are online tools that collect contributions from your wedding guests towards your honeymoon expenses.  You know how challenging it is to find the perfect wedding gift that both the bride and groom will like and use, so this is already a win-win situation for you and your guests.

Check out these Honeymoon Registry Websites:

3. Stay close to home.

Airfare takes a big chunk out of your travel budget.  To save on airfare, just choose a destination that is closer to home.  The shorter the flight (or none at all), the more you save.

4. Consider alternate modes of travel.

…or consider other means of transportation.  Take the train, the bus or go on a road trip.  Make sure to plan out some pit stops for sight-seeing and picture taking along the way.

5. Pull your resources.

Take advantage of all the benefits that you can get from your credit cards, dining cards and club memberships.  Use those reward points that you’ve collected from all the wedding purchases in exchange for airline tickets, car rentals, hotel rooms, amenities and upgrades.

6. Negotiate!

Come on, don’t be shy!  You gotta do what you gotta do, right?  When booking, always try to negotiate.  Ask if it’s the lowest rate that they can offer or inquire about extended stay discounts, seasonal promotions, etc.  And oh, don’t forget to mention that it’s for your honeymoon!  Most businesses usually offer extra perks such as free room upgrades, free champagne, and more.

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