5 Frugal yet Meaningful Ways to Give Gifts this Holiday Season

In between traveling, back to back parties and shopping for gifts, the holiday season can get pretty overwhelming.  Sadly, gift-giving can sometimes become time-consuming, financially stressful and can easily turn into an obligation, rather than being a heartfelt gesture.

Don’t let society pressure you into spending tons of money on lavish gifts because gift-giving doesn’t mean luxurious and expensive.  It’s all about showing appreciation to the people who’ve touched your life.

At the same time, you don’t have to be a scrooge this year. Here are 5 frugal gift-giving ideas for the holiday season.

1. Give Homemade Gifts

Consider arts & crafts or baked goods, DIY themed baskets and goodie bags.  The options for homemade gift items are endless.  It doesn’t cost much, in fact, if you already have all the materials needed, you can DIY your gifts for free.  All you need is creativity and some inspiration online.  Check out Pinterest for tons of DIY & homemade gift ideas.

2. Give a memory.

Remind your loved ones of your fond memories and special bond by giving them something to look back on.  Search through old photo albums (or digital photo albums) and arrange them scrapbooks, photo albums, picture frame or a video slideshow.  It’s cheap but it’s meaningful.

3. Give an experience or a service.

Create your own redeemable coupons such as a day at the park, a one-on-one movie or spa date, a home-cooked dinner, a free car wash, a massage, etc.  Sometimes, doing an activity together or offering someone your service is worth more than any material gift.

4. Skip individual presents.

Whether it’s in your family or group of friends, suggest to skip individual presents this year.  Sometimes, people tend to overspend because of tradition but it wouldn’t hurt to try and suggest breaking the cycle.

How about you draw names for a Secret Santa or Secret Hanukkah Harry?  That’s still going to be fun but a lot more affordable.

5. Send cards instead of gifts.

Sending your long-distance friends and family gifts during the holidays is quite expensive.  But you know what?  It doesn’t have to be a material gift.  There’s nothing wrong with a thoughtful card with a handwritten message to show them that they are remembered and thought of during this festive season.

Keep in mind that the holiday season is supposed to be about bringing families and friends together, not putting pressure on each other.

Going into debt over holiday presents isn’t worth it at all, don’t you think?

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