How to Prepare Your Home for Fall and Save Money on Utility Costs

With the first day of autumn officially starting on September 22nd, it’s time to prepare your home to save you money on utility costs.  Because we all know what’s coming next – the holidays!

On my previous article, I talked about how to start saving for the holidays but I didn’t mention about energy efficiency tips that will save electricity and money, that will surely help boost your savings.

Leave blinds, curtains and drapes open.

In the morning, take advantage of the sunlight and let the heat warm your home naturally to save on heating costs.  Keep them open during the daytime but at night, make sure to close them all to prevent the heat from escaping and reduce the coolness from the windows.

Seal all leaks.

When heat from your home escapes out of your door and window cracks, your heating system doubles its effort, which of course, increases energy usage and costs.  To avoid such, make sure to seal all leaks around doors, windows and electric outlets to save up to 20% on your heating bill.

Invest in a smart thermostat.

A smart thermostat will help you conserve energy and household costs by adjusting your temperature according to your lifestyle or a set schedule.  The Nest Learning Thermostat has an auto-schedule and auto-away features that automatically adjust the temperature according to a schedule or after you leave your house.  This can save you an average of 10-12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills.  You can even check your energy usage from your phone and adjust your temperature wherever you are.

Clean furnace filters.

When your furnace filter is dirty and clogged, it will cause your furnace to work harder and increase heating costs.  If you haven’t changed yours for this month, make sure you do so now.

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