5 Ways to Save on Lodging When Traveling

On my previous blog entries, I’ve already talked about how to set up a budget for a vacation and hacks to fly for less.  Today, let me share with you some helpful ways that will save you money on lodging, as it also takes a big part of your budget, depending on where you would like to stay.

Remember, finding the cheapest accommodation isn’t always the best option.  It’s about finding the best value without sacrificing comfort.

1. Browse privately.

Savings begin as soon as you start your online search.  Sites store search data as their way to track what its visitors are more interested in purchasing, so they can charge more.  So make sure you go incognito or private mode on your browser when you are looking for a place to book online.

2. Take advantage of deals and coupons.

When you already have a destination in mind, sign up for newsletters or follow the social media accounts of different hotels or rentals in that area to get alerts of deals and coupons.  Just make sure you don’t fall for rip offs or scams.

3. Inquire about group or family deals.

If you are traveling as a group or family, especially if you have kids, always ask if they are giving discounts, freebies or access to exclusive amenities.

4. Avoid the city center.

Check for places in nearby cities and know how much it will cost you to travel to and from the main city or tourist spots.  If you can save a lot, pick an accommodation outside the city center instead.

5. Consider apartments, rental homes and hostels.

Hotels are not the only places to stay when you’re traveling.  These days, it’s more practical to stay in apartments, rental homes or hostels – depending on your travel destination and how many people you are traveling with.  Aside from cheaper costs, rental homes and apartments will even save you money on food since you will have the freedom to cook your own meals. Hostels on the other hand are great for people who don’t mind being with other travelers in one room.  There are dormitory-style hostels where you have to share a room with other guests and there are hostels that offer private and family rooms as well.

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