7 Healthy Hacks That Will Save You Money

Better health and more dollars in your bank account?  Who doesn’t want that?

However, some of you may think that maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle is quite expensive and the combination of good health and savings is quite impossible.

I agree, it can take a big chunk out of your budget but when you think about it, it’s a good investment that will give you immediate and long-term results.

But don’t get discouraged just yet; in today’s article, I’ve rounded up a list of healthy hacks that will not just impact your health, but your finances too.

1. Brew your own coffee at home.

Did you know that an average American spends up to $1,092 per year on their coffee needs?  Instavest shows that if you skip on your daily dose of Starbucks Grand Latte, you could pay off a 30 year mortgage 7.7 years faster, and if you passed on that daily Venti Frappuccino, you could have purchased 50 shares of Starbucks Stock!

If you’re one of those people who spend tons on money on those over-priced and sugar-laden coffee drinks, you can really do wonders to your health AND your budget if you just make your own coffee at home or at the office.  It’s a lot cheaper and it’s free from all those high in calorie add-ons and flavorings which aren’t really good for you.

2. Pack your lunch.

Just like spending tons on coffeehouse chains, more money is wasted too when you eat out everyday.  To save your waist and your wallet, pack a healthy lunch and some snacks so that you won’t have to waste money on fast food, take-outs or junk food.

3. Start a food diary.

When you start writing down every meal, including small details such as time and how you feel afterwards, you can reduce or stop mindless eating and practicing unhealthy food habits.  A food diary will show you that natural and healthy foods will make you feel better than junk, which your bank account will benefit from as well.

4. Kick your bad habits and vices.

I’m sure you know that your vices are bad for your health – alcohol, smoking, etc.  If you limit or better yet, quit your vices, you won’t just decrease your risk for chronic health issues, you will also save tons of money.  Imagine how much money you spend on cigarettes and liquor, and how much you will be spending for medical expenses in the future.

5. Make water your go-to drink.

Say goodbye to sugary drinks and other calorie-laden beverages that are probably the culprit of your weight gain.  Instead, make water as your drink of choice – it’s free, it’s healthier and it’s even good for the environment.

6. Walk or Bike to work or school.

If the weather permits and if you live close to your work or school, save money on gas or commuting expenses by just walking or biking to your destination.  This is a perfect money saving opportunity that serves as a good form of exercise too.

7. Plan your meals.

Weekly meal planning will help you make healthier food choices and eliminate the chances of reaching for unnecessary and unhealthy snacks, ingredients and other impulse buys while doing your groceries.  Pick a day every week to plan out and create your menus and make a specific shopping list.

Being both healthy and wise with money is a lifestyle choice, so make sure to put these tips in action for a healthier mind, body and bank account too.

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