Joining the unemployed

Joining the Unemployed – On Purpose!

I took that big step, and now I’m joining the unemployed.

Not that that’s a bad thing, but I am not entirely sure whether it’s a great thing yet.

I don’t think we’ll starve. First of all, neither of us is underweight. Secondly, we have quite a bit of reserve in the bank – else I’d never have taken this step.

Still, it’s scary. REALLY scary. Because, despite the fact I’ve not used my health insurance in so long I didn’t even know what pharmacy was covered under my plan – you never know, do you?

So, what brought all this on? Now that I am officially no longer associated with the company, I can say a little, but bad-mouthing isn’t my intent. Honestly, I might want to go back to work there in the future – just definitely, DEFINITELY in a different department. And the skill I have as a result of working for that company makes me highly re-employable there. Despite my unhappiness in the current position, I took care not to burn any bridges.

I have been reading for months – years, really, about how some people earn enough money through their online efforts to take care of – and in some cases, WAY MORE THAN take care of – their financial needs. I want to be one of those people, because, well, what could be better than working for myself? At home. With no tolls to pay, no gasoline to buy, and all my equipment is high-tech and paid for. Oh, and how could I help but love my boss? But -it’s clear that there are some things I do well, and other things I am not so great at. Which is which? Well, I don’t mind telling you:

  1. I’m a CPA but I haven’t had (nor do I want) recent tax preparation experience. (CPA’s actually DO do other things besides taxes, BTW.)
  2. I can write.
  3. I’m a pretty good editor too. I have learned a technique that makes it much easier to actually see the words I am reading, rather than just glancing over the mistakes and “reading” words that aren’t there.
  4. I have the world’s most supportive husband. NEVER underestimate the value of a supportive spouse, especially when things are bad.
  5. I’m an introvert. (Yes, that goes under the good GREAT side!)

Oh my. I thought I had a longer list than that of good things!! Maybe I need to work on adding to them. Now for the bad:

  1.  Marketing. I hate marketing. I don’t even know how to do it, but if it involves contacting people and asking them to do something for me (like read my book) I just can’t do it (see item 5, above – the one about being an introvert).
  2.  I’m not all that imaginative. Most of my writing involves factual stuff, rather than stories, though I have been able to string together a coherent story or two. I just can’t do it on a regular basis – or, if I can, I don’t know it yet.
  3.  I don’t join all that well with the rabble (or as Niall Doherty would say: the rabblement*) OK, in all honesty, this is the reason for joining the unemployed.  Just the very idea of sitting in a huge room with no personal space all day, with people milling about, making all sorts of noise (on purpose) and actually trying to concentrate and get something done …I wish I could, but I can’t. Agile, thy name is evil, but in truth, there are people who thrive on this atmosphere. I am (almost) sorry that I am not one of them.

For the next few months, I am going back to work for the same company (yep, but in a different department) as a contractor. This is the department I originally worked in and transferred out of more than two years ago for what I thought would be a better opportunity. So, I can go in, do the work they ask of me, leave whenever I get good and ready, get paid well, get some real appreciation, and don’t have to participate in office politics. Not a bad deal! I went in for four hours on Friday, and the change in atmosphere was almost palpable. From the warm welcome I received, I have reason to believe the other workers at least tolerate me. It’s good.

Aside from the issue of health insurance, I’m actually reasonably satisfied with my lot these days. It’s a good thing, too, because who put me there? Nobody but me!

So my plan from here, other than contract work, is to do the best I can picking up freelance jobs and earning money blogging (see Crystal’s book advertisement in my sidebar – she has many wonderful suggestions for people who are interested in earning money this way.)

And we’ll see what effect joining the unemployed has on our household budget.  I’ll be reporting here – the good, the bad, and the ugly!

**Niall Doherty has a wonderful blog, Disrupting the Rabblement, where he exhorts his readers to “think for yourself, live your dreams, piss off some zombies.”  His ongoing story of how he is traveling around the world **without flying** is fascinating.

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