Eating crow – not so tasty!

Well, Mr. BFTROU certainly handed me a wake-up call this morning.  You see, I never, ever ask his permission to post anything, nor would he expect me to.  I don’t send a post to him for editing in advance either.  But after I’ve posted, he generally gets around to reading what I’ve written and commenting on it.

So, this morning I was somewhat surprised when he greeted me with “that post needs to be entirely rewritten from beginning to end.”  HUH?  So much for being the most supportive husband in the world.

This morning I was much more likely to call him Mr. Burr Under the Saddle than Mr. BFTROU or Mr. Most Supportive, but I’ve learned – though it’s sometimes hard to admit – that maybe, just maybe, I am not the world’s repository of all knowledge about how to write a blog post that people resonate with.  :-)

So, I have set the previous post -the one he hated so much -to private and will take his advice by basically starting over completely.  I will make the post sound less like a Master’s thesis in Accounting and more like something that could be helpful to an entrepreneur.

And maybe, just maybe, if he’s really nice, I’ll consider speaking to him again some day :-)

Will be back soon!


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