How to Get the Best Deal on College Education

Photo Credit: Werner Kunz via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Werner Kunz via Compfight cc

Do you know of any jobs that require you to have a college degree for them to even consider you? Ummm, yup, pretty much all of them. College is incredibly important these days. If you want to get ahead (or at the very least keep up with everyone else), it is almost a certainty that you should not only attend college, but that you should receive a Bachelor’s degree as well.

Many people understand that college is important, but the next question is, “How can I possibly afford it?” Tuition costs are skyrocketing and the job market is seemingly paying less and less. You need to figure out how to get your degree for a deal and I’m going to teach you how to do it.


One of the best ways to reduce your college costs is to get a scholarship. If you are a minority, then you have a better chance than anyone to get awarded a scholarship. Check with the major scholarship sites, but also check the scholarships that are tied to particular institutions.

If you are not a minority or if you’re just having trouble finding scholarships that pertain to you, then your best be might be study up and take that ACT (or SAT, depending on where you live) again. If you can score high on these tests, then scholarships will simply start to fall into your lap.

Head to a Community College

If there is a community college that’s nearby, you can save a ton of money by continuing to live at home and earning your associates degree there. The costs per semester are often thousands of dollars less and when you subtract what you would have paid for room and board, you are coming out way ahead.

Finish Out Your Degree at the Local State College

Private institutions are simply too expensive these days. And, if your degree is in something other than engineering, business, or medical, then the expense probably just isn’t worth it. Instead of shelling out $40,000+ per year, cut those costs down to $20,000 or less by attending your Division II state college. You will receive a fantastic education still, but it will not break the bank.

Find a Job at the Institution

There are many colleges that have work study programs that allow you to earn some money working on campus. This might be in the form of secretarial duties, maintenance, or an RA (resident assistant). Whatever the case may be, if you are able to earn money without leaving campus, life is pretty sweet. This way, you don’t really need a car, you’re not wasting time driving to and from work, and you’re earning some pretty easy money!

Do Your Homework

In the end, it all comes down to “doing your homework” sort of speak. There are many colleges to choose from these days. Be sure to do your due diligence and choose the most cost effective school with the best reputation for your desired field. Once you decide which school is best for you, then you can decide how to get the best deal on your education.

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