January is the Time to Buy…

…almost anything at Amazon.

Yeah, there are always lots of Amazon ads. And there are sales and rumors of sales. So how is January different for Amazon?

Here’s how: On February 15th, FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) sellers will be billed for something called “long-term storage.” The FBA sellers will get the warning email in mid-January — and a lot of them will panic.

Some FBA sellers with very large inventories will see long-term storage fees, which are based on volume, in the thousands of dollars. And when they see that email, they will start slashing prices to try to dump inventory to reduce that fee. Some of them, especially the ones who are seeing that fee for the first time (which happens just after the FBA seller has been in that business for a year), will actually cut prices so drastically that they will lose more money than they would by just paying the fee.

Of course, when that happens, it tends to depress prices overall.

If you didn’t get what you really wanted for Christmas, mark January 15th on your Calendar, and start looking for the bargains then.

Note: You’ll save even more if you are a Prime Member.

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