How to Get the Best Deal on College Education

Do you know of any jobs that require you to have a college degree for them to even consider you? Ummm, yup, pretty much all of them. College is incredibly important these days. If you want to get ahead (or at the very least keep up with everyone else), it is almost a certainty that you should not only attend college, but that you should receive a Bachelor’s degree as well. Many people understand that college is important, but the next question is, “How can I possibly afford it?” Tuition Read more [...]

Shaving on the Cheap

I keep running across various ways to save "lots" of money on the ritual of shaving. That sort of post seems to have a very broad appeal, since almost everybody shaves. Most women shave their legs, and most men shave their faces. I wear a beard, but I still shave in order to keep the appearance neat. A few months ago, I saw a blog post on Thousandaire about reducing the cost of shaving your face to a couple of bucks/month. It was mostly about an outfit called The Dollar Shave club. I wasn't terribly Read more [...]

New Theme

When Mrs. BFTROU set up this blog, she chose the Atahualpa theme, mainly to experiment with it. One of our friends uses Atahualpa, so we figured it would be a good theme to use. Today, I got rid of it. Read more [...]

A Credit Report That is Really Free!

Usually, when you get a "free" credit report, you have to enter a credit card. Then, if you forget to cancel your "service" you get billed after the "free" month. However, there is a credit reporting service that doesn't do that. It is really free. They are hoping that you like the service enough to continue to use it - and they appear to have lots of happy "customers." One minor glitch, however -- it isn't really your "offical" FICO score. They arrive at their figure a different way, and it's Read more [...]

Valentine’s Day!

It's interesting how caught up we get in holiday spending. Valentine's Day is a prime example. It's a purely arbitrary date, but a huge percentage of the population has been caught up in the idea that if you don't get your significant other something nice for Valentine's Day, you are just a jerk. Worse yet, it absolutely must be presented on February 14th, and it can't be anything practical, or you can end up in the doghouse, as depicted in this old (but still hilarious) JCPenny commerial. If Read more [...]

January is the Time to Buy…

...almost anything at Amazon. Yeah, there are always lots of Amazon ads. And there are sales and rumors of sales. So how is January different for Amazon? Here's how: On February 15th, FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) sellers will be billed for something called "long-term storage." The FBA sellers will get the warning email in mid-January -- and a lot of them will panic. Some FBA sellers with very large inventories will see long-term storage fees, which are based on volume, in the thousands of dollars. Read more [...]

August – The Time (not) to Buy…

In August, there are usually lots of sales on things like school supplies, and it doesn't take much shopping around to find good deals in that area. Also, in some states (like here in Texas), there are sometimes "tax holidays" for school supplies, which sometimes extends to other items such as children's clothing. Depending on the sales tax rate, this can be a substantial incentive to buy these items. However, there are several things that are typically a better bargain in September or October, Read more [...]

When a Bargain is NOT a Bargain

Sometimes, spending a bit more money on something you use on a regular basis can be better than trying to get the absolute lowest price. For instance, if I had just bought a middle-of-the-line professional camera to start off with, instead of getting a really cheap compact point and shoot that I threw away, then a low-end compact point-and-shoot (which was a little shy on resolution, although it worked ok for my purposes at the time as long as I did not have to use flash), a slightly higher resolution Read more [...]

Eating crow – not so tasty!

Well, Mr. BFTROU certainly handed me a wake-up call this morning.  You see, I never, ever ask his permission to post anything, nor would he expect me to.  I don't send a post to him for editing in advance either.  But after I've posted, he generally gets around to reading what I've written and commenting on it. So, this morning I was somewhat surprised when he greeted me with "that post needs to be entirely rewritten from beginning to end."  HUH?  So much for being the most supportive Read more [...]
Choosing Your Entity Type

Choosing Your Entity Type

Self-Employment can be complicated! One of the best things you can do for yourself, if you have any sort of side gigs, blogging for money - any type of self-employment income, is to formalize the relationship of your work, by choosing your entity type. As an individual, you can easily file a Schedule C, using your regular 1099 income, deducting the direct expenses, and being done with it. If, however, you want a better tax environment, you might want to create a more formal business structure Read more [...]