Cut Your Bills with These Energy-Saving Devices

Thanks to the continuous growth of energy efficiency, companies have provided us a wide-array of energy-efficient goods and services.  Sometimes, a little investment is worth it if you think about saving more money in the long run.  But you need to invest wisely on the right technology.  Not everything that claims “energy saver” will actually save you money on your energy bills.

To help you out, I’ve put together a list of the top energy saving gadgets that are worth buying.

Power Strip

If you think your unused devices don’t cost you money, think again because according the the US Department of Energy, about 5% of electricity used goes to standby power.  To prevent paying for “Vampire Power,” make sure to unplug all devices when you are not using them.  But that sounds like a tedious and time-consuming job.  The solution?  Get yourself a Power Strip that allows you to easily switch off all your devices like this ON Smart Solution Household Power Strip.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat will help you conserve energy and household costs by adjusting your temperature according to your lifestyle or a set schedule.  The Nest Learning Thermostat has an auto-schedule and auto-away features that automatically adjust the temperature according to a schedule or after you leave your house.  This can save you an average of 10-12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills.  You can even check your energy usage from your phone and adjust your temperature wherever you are.

LED Lighting

There’s a wide variety of LED Bulbs available in the market, some are even equipped with smart features like Wi-Fi access, color adjustments and movement detectors.  LED Bulbs aren’t just a fancy addition to your home but a way to save you a lot of money.  Typically, a LED bulb uses up to 90% less energy than your traditional light bulbs.

Efficient Shower Heads

Save water, energy and money by installing a high efficiency shower head.  Depending on your style and budget, there’s a lot to choose from that can guarantee homeowners up to 60% of savings on water consumption like these ones from FlowTec.  Smart Shower Heads  are also a wise investment because you can monitor your water usage as well as the exact temperature that you desire before turning it on.

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